Jason Chan Assumes Role of President at Law Society

Jason Chan

Singapore’s legal community welcomes Jason Chan as he takes on the role of President at the Law Society of Singapore. His appointment marks a significant moment for the legal profession in the country and brings with it expectations of continued dedication to upholding the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Jason Chan’s Legal Journey

Jason Chan’s ascent to the presidency of the Law Society is a testament to his accomplished legal career and his commitment to the legal community. His experience and expertise are expected to serve him well in this new leadership role.

Challenges and Opportunities

As President, Jason Chan faces a multitude of challenges and opportunities within the legal profession. These may include addressing evolving legal practices, fostering a culture of ethics and professionalism, and adapting to changing societal needs.

Safeguarding Legal Standards

One of the primary responsibilities of the Law Society is to safeguard the high standards of legal practice in Singapore. Under Chan’s leadership, there is an expectation of unwavering commitment to maintaining these standards.

Advocacy and Representation

The Law Society plays a crucial role in advocating for the legal profession and representing the interests of lawyers in Singapore. Chan’s tenure is likely to involve active engagement with legal issues and policies that impact the profession.

Continuity and Progress

Chan’s presidency is expected to bring both continuity and progress to the Law Society. Building on the accomplishments of his predecessors, he will have the opportunity to shape the legal landscape for the benefit of the profession and the public.


Jason Chan’s assumption of the presidency at the Law Society of Singapore represents a significant milestone in the country’s legal community. It highlights the importance of strong leadership and the dedication of legal professionals to serving the public and upholding the integrity of the legal system.