Not Politics.

Fed up with the state of politics today,                          

I decided to do something about it….

Everyday Americans all want the same things.  We want just a little more money each month, better jobs, lower taxes, safer/better schools, nicer roads, better healthcare, etc…

I will actually fight for them.  I’ll fight for you. I know first hand how the issues impact our lives…  I am Middle America.

The problem is with our elected officials in Washington DC.  Both sides are stuck in gridlock. No one is budging and we are at an impasse.  NOTHING is getting done and we are wasting taxpayer money on nonsense investigations and inquiries. It reminds me of Dr. Seuss’ story of the ZAX.  Something different has to be done. Most win-win casino online casino paypal! Manage to collect your winnings!

We need Real. American. Change.

On The Issues

We need to stop voting down party lines and vote for what is good for ALL Americans.

My Promise

I promise to always vote for laws that actually help ALL Americans. I promise to work hard and with others. I promise to always listen to constituents and those I work with, giving everyone the opportunity to honestly be heard.

For All Americans

As a Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, friend and neighbor, I do my best to love everyone around me and to do what is right. I will carry this lifestyle with me and regard everyone the same.


I’ll Fight

I’ll fight to preserve our civil liberties.  To keep Big Government to a minimum.  To make it easier to start a business.To pass laws to cut taxes and regulations. To protect our schools and neighborhoods. I’ll always fight for equal rights FOR EVERYONE.

For the Middle Class

I know first hand what it means to be Middle America.  I know the real struggles that we face, that those bred for politics just don’t understand.

I will be YOUR voice.

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