This is not a complete list, nor is it in any order of importance.  This page will be updated regularly.


Healthcare is something that effects every one of us. For most families it’s the biggest expense they have besides the rent or mortgage. Premiums and costs are out of control. Many families are paying top dollar for lousy coverage and out of pocket costs and deductibles can devastate a family’s finances. Read More

Education Crisis

Call it what it is. Read More

Vaping Crisis

Is there REALLY a crisis? Read More

School Safety

We all want safer schools.  There are things we can do. Read More

2nd Amendment

The Constitution is clear… Read More


The Border, the wall, DACA and more.  Read More

Homelessness Crisis

Their failure is cause for fear.   Read More

Voter Fraud

Voter fraud is real and we can do more to stop it…. Read More

Thin Blue Line

I support ALL Law Enforcement including but not limited to State, Federal and Local Police, ICE, CBP, as well as our First Responders.  Everyday these good men and women risk their lives for the rule of law and to keep us safe.   

Veteran’s Issues

Veterans have a special place in my heart.  There are so many issues I have uncovered in speaking with Vets that the average American (including myself) is completely unaware of, such as vets being used as guinea pigs for experimental medications, some of which have been banned by the FDA after the fact.  We owe so much to those that have offered their lives as living sacrifices to keep us safe and to keep us free.  I will establish a committee made up of veterans to address these issues.

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