A Note from Candidate Kimbler:

I wasn’t born or bred for politics.  I don’t come from money.  My parents weren’t politicians, doctors or lawyers.  In fact, quite the opposite.  My mother was practically a single mom raising 4 kids while working as a waitress.  

I know what it is to be working class.  I know what it’s like young and starting out having to feed your children hot dogs and macaroni and cheese four nights a week because you need to make sure you had milk for cereal in the mornings. You don’t want an entitlement; you’d rather work harder. Go to our website and get https://vogueplay.com/uk/lost-island-slot/. Hurry up to go and start winning.

I know hard work and integrity pays off.  Sometimes just a little extra help can really make a difference.  Not an entitlement.  We would like to just pay a little less for gas, make a little more an hour, keep a little more of our paychecks.  Have better, lower-cost options for health care and prescription drugs.  Like many of you, these issues affect me too.

I am Middle America.

For the last 20 years I have served the community in a faith-based capacity, seeing firsthand the needs of our communities. These experiences are the driving force behind wanting to go to Congress for you.

I believe in the American Dream for EVERYONE.


“Make Congress Great Again!” said Leonard to Patrice one night while watching the news.  For the last three years it’s been very hard not to notice what’s been going on in our nation’s capital.  With the news, social media, and even in seemingly-simple conversations with family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers, the topic always seems to be what’s happening in Washington. Seeing the sad state of affairs going on in Congress frustrated her and she had that old saying play in her head, Don’t complain about it. Do something about it.  Her husband’s comment had made her start to think. 

Patrice was born July 23, 1968 at Desert Hospital in Palm Springs, California, which is now known as Desert Regional Medical Center.  She grew up with her parents and three siblings, raised mostly by her mother as a single mom working as a waitress to support four children.  She attended Palm Spring’s High School as the Class of 86’.  At age 19 she attended a technical college where she earned a certificate as a medical assistant and also as a certified phlebotomist, where she graduated with a perfect 4.0.

Patrice met the love of her life, Leonard Kimbler, at age 18 and they have been together ever since.  Patrice just celebrated her 31st Wedding Anniversary on October 22nd of this year.  At the age of twenty, Patrice and Leonard were married in Bullhead City, AZ.  They had two children, a girl and a boy.  When their children were ages 4 and 5,  they moved their family all the way across the United State to the great state of Pennsylvania. 

While there, Patrice worked in a hospital in the state’s capital.  After five years, Patrice decided to try her hand at sales, and left the medical profession.

During her successful sales career, she gained the experience of dealing with corporate CEOs and Business Owners, as well as dealing with consumers.  In her personal time, she was involved with her church, teaching Sunday school to three and four year olds, and was a youth group and small group leader. She also helped to coordinate special events for the church.

After about sixteen years in Pennsylvania, Leonard and Patrice decided to move back to the Coachella Valley to be closer to their parents and other siblings.  If there’s one thing Patrice is known for, it’s her love for the Lord, and her family (that includes the pets too) more than anything.  Leonard and Patrice now have five grandchildren. 

Patrice enjoys her favorite pastime of spending time together with her family.  They spend every spare moment being there for one another and they are always on the go.  Whether going to the grandsons’ ball games, Girl Scout events, day trips to the beach or 6 Flags, they always wind up back at Nana’s for some of her good cookin’!

Another passion Patrice has is cooking. She loves to cook for friends and family.  Once, while at a local restaurant for dinner as a guest of one of the employees, She was asked her opinion about the establishment’s desserts.  Her answer was not what was expected.  She respectfully told the owner his desserts tasted like he bought them at Costco. This caught the owner’s attention and he challenged her to bring in her desserts to go up against their chef. To the surprise of the owner, but not to Patrice, her desserts were far superior to that of their kitchen.  Patrice was immediately offered a position as their new pastry chef.   Shortly after working there, Palm Springs Life Magazine, which is a worldwide publication, had recognized Chef Patrice as having the best desserts in the Coachella Valley for 2013.

Since moving back to California, once again Patrice found herself getting involved in her community.  She founded Hands of Christ Ministries, a faith-based community benefit organization.   Hands of Christ started out doing outreaches feeding lunch to local children at the park.  She had the help of only one volunteer.  They provided music, games and prizes, story time, and food; all free to the children.  It quickly grew into doing many outreaches and local and valley-wide events.  Working with other organizations like Festival of Life, Food Now, The Narrow Door, the United States Marines Toy’s for Tot’s program, the Salvation Army, and the County of Riverside, to name a few.  The Narrow Door holds the Christmas Store every year for families in need, and Patrice was asked to partner with them serving the west end of the Valley, and did so for 6 years; an enormous undertaking.

Patrice is a wife, mother, grandmother, friend and neighbor.  She knows what the American Dream is all about.  Living pay check to pay check she also knows what it’s like to live one brake job or washing machine repair away from not paying the mortgage on time.  This makes her relatable.  Patrice wants the American dream for everyone.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is under attack.  Our elected officials have somehow forgotten what the American people voted them into office for. 

Fed up with the inaction in Washington, Patrice decided to take action.  She has turned that same passion and love she’s always had for others into wanting to make a difference in this land she loves.  That’s why Patrice Kimbler will be the next Congresswoman of California’s 36th Congressional District, of the people, by the people and for the people.

People. Not Politics.

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